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Thank you for your interest in my site. I’m Cheryl, and I hope the information here is helpful to you.



The mission of is to provide valuable information to people who are working for better life balance.


For job balance, I plan to provide information to:

  • The people who use the information I provide to make positives changes in their work-life flexibility and the family members and other significant people in their lives who are impacted by those changes,

  • The employers who allow flexible schedules and as a result, have loyal employees, higher productivity, lower turnover, less overhead, less absenteeism, and other benefits.

I know there are jobs that require being on-site, but my wish for everyone in the workforce is to be able to be flexible with your schedules so that your families, loved ones, and yourselves are less stressed and happier overall.

Some of the benefits of a flexible work schedule are:

  • Better balance between work and home. Being able to be there for your family, whether they are young kids, active teens, elderly parents or other family members, or any other family needs.

  • Less overhead costs for your employer. No office for them to maintain for you. Some employers provide computer, supplies, and phone, but some don’t. Regardless, it is a lot less expensive to allow you to work from home.

  • For an employer, giving the right employees the flexibility to arrange work around family gives employees a sense of control in their lives and often results in loyalty to their place of work.

  • Fewer sick days, which benefits your employer as well as you. I know that there are times when I don’t feel well but work anyway in my home office. I can cough all I want without worrying that I’m getting the rest of the office sick, but I can still get my work done. A traditional job would require taking a sick day.

  • Fewer vehicles on the road. Less traffic, less exhaust emitted, less stress for everyone who can stay home and work, especially on bad weather days.

I hope you find my site useful. Please let me know what you think by contacting me!

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